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Screen Tight Mini Track Porch Screening System

Mini Track Porch Screening System

Mini Track

A Screen Tight Porch Screening Sytem


Screen Tight Porch Screening System Screen Tight - Fast Track Porch Screening System Screen Tight Mini Track Porch Screening System MeshGuard A new screening system created to eliminate the need for pickets, balusters and other visual obstructions below the porch guardrail. Screen Block Two systems in one. The easiest way to convert your screen porch into an enclosed living space for use during 3+ seasons. Screen Wall Modular screen porch framing system made of rigid PVC vinyl and composite fiber additives to withstand extreme wind and weather.


Mini Track Porch and Patio Screening System
Mini Track Patio and Porch Screening System




MINI Track



  • NEW... Innovative 2 part system with 100% Hidden Fasteners
  • Unlimited Trim Possibilities perfect for all architectural styles
  • Perfect for higher elevations with interior or exterior installation
  • Ultra low-profile 3/4" x 3/4"channels for great views
  • Use .175 Spline with all Fiberglass Screen
  • Extruded aluminum channels come in white, black or bronze powder coated finishes


This ULTRA low profile screening system with completely hidden fasteners is perfect for higher elevations and various second story applications. MINI Track 3/4" x 3/4" channels and clips work well with any housing style and trend, blending in without obstructions to create a clean, seamless look. MINI Track channels come in 8' length.

This easy 2 part aluminum screening system is truly unique.


Mini Track Patio Screening System

MINI Track has 100% Hidden Fasteners for a clean & professional look! So Small, It's Practically Invisible!

WarrantyPorch Screening System 5 Year Warranty

Free of charge, with proof of purchase, during the first 5 years of ownership, Screen Tight will at its discretion replace any product determined to have a manufacturing defect. This warranty does not cover improper installation,misapplication of product, damages or any labor.


Mini Track - Easy Installation Steps:

Mini Track Installation Diagram


Attach SCREW/CLIPS to Porch Frame
Measure, pre-mark, and pre-drill screw/clip locations on the frame with a level ruler or string to keep the screw/clips aligned at desired location on the frame for proper channel installation. Place screw/clips 2" from the corners and every 8" - 10" evenly spaced apart. Do not overtighten. (Do not exceed a maximum of 25 square feet per screened in area.)

Now MINItrack Channel pieces should be cut to desired lengths. Install the left & right channel vertical's by just "snapping" them over clips directly attached to the frame using a rubber mallet.

Next, install both the top and bottom MINItrack channel horizontal's (See Diagram for details)

Now using the spline, Rollerknife™ Screening Tool & screen mesh material, simply roll the spline into the groove of the MINItrack channel to hold in the fabric. Starting with the top, working your way to the sides and bottom of each section to be screened.

Simply trim off the excess screen mesh and you're done!


Please allow 2-4 Weeks order processing time for Mini Track orders. Thank you