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Phifer Standard Charcoal Aluminum

Charcoal Aluminum Insect Screen for Decks and Patios


Charcoal Aluminum Screen also known or refered to as Vista-Weave is coated with rich charcoal finish in Phifer's electrdepostion paint system. The glare is reduced by the dark color, which improves the outward visibility. The consistent finish of the screen gives it an architech pleasing appearance.


We carry only Phifer Incorporated Aluminum insect Screen . Ask for it by name.


Aluminum Screen Swatch Card



Charcoal Aluminum insect screen is excellent to use in porch, patios, window and door applications. Charcoal Aluminum Screen is stronger than fiberglass and cant be eaten by insects that sometimes eat the vinyl on fiberglass leaving small holes in your screen.

Sizes & Colors:

Charcoal Aluminum Screening comes in 18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 54", 60" and 72" widths. Rolls come standard in 100' rolls. 36", 48", 60" and 72" are available in 50' rolls.

Phifer Charcoal Aluminum Porch Screen

Black Aluminum Insect Screen

Phifer Insect Screen and Solar Screen Materials are Made in the USA

Technical Information:

Standard Colors: Charcoal
Widths: 18" to 72"
Roll Lengths: 100' (36", 48", 60" and 72" 50' Rolls Available)
Wire Mesh (sq/in.): 18x16
Wire Gauge: .011


Phifer will warranty product that does not meet their respective production tolerances and loss of dimentional stability including mildew and rot from exposure conditions outside normal atmospheric pollution or other debris. Warranty Disclaimer: We sell only 1st quality Phifer material. However, Phifers grading criteria allows for various defects within a roll. Roll lengths are not always continuous. Rolls may be up to two pieces per roll to account for specified footage. Warranty does NOT cover use and abuse of materials. Extended Limited Warranty varies by item so call for specific warranty concerns by product.



• Charcoal Aluminum Vista-Weave insect screen that offers good visibility

• Charcoal Aluminum Vista-Weave Screen protects against harmful insects while allowing exceptional airflow

• Charcoal Aluminum Vista-Weave Screening offers improved durability over fiberglass screen

• Charcoal Aluminum Vista-Weave screen is excellent for porch applications.

• Charcoal Aluminum Vista-Weave insect screen wont be eaten by grasshoppers and other small insects that sometimes eat traditional fiberglass screen

• Charcoal Aluminum Vista-Weave is made in the USA


Phifer Aluminum Insect Screening