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Phifer 18x14 pool and patio enclosure insect screen

Phifer 18x14 Pool & Patio Screen

The Traditional Pool & Patio Insect Screen


18x14 Mesh Pool, Patio and Porch Screen is stronger than standard window and door screen, making it the ideal screen for large openings such as screen porches, and patio and pool enclosures. Designed for applicataions where extra strength is desirable.

We carry only Phifer Incorporated 18x14 mesh Pool & Patio insect screen, Ask for Phifer by name.

We now carry 18x14 STIFF Pool and Patio Screen in 84" & 96" 300' rols.. Made with the same .013 core yard and standard 18x14, thi smaterial is ideal for roller and retractable screens that require more strenght and durability. This material is baked for added stiffness. Ideal for keeping screen tight to help prevent saging.

Technical Information:

Colors: Charcoal and Silver-Gray
Roll Length: 100' and some sizes 25' and 50'

Widths: 24"-108" 132" Special Order

Product: 18x14 Pool & Patio Screen.013/.013

18x14 STIFF Colors: Charcoal and Silver-Gray
Roll Length: 300' Only

Widths: 84" & 96"
Product: 18x14 STIFF .013/.013

1814 fiberglass insect screen colors

Phifer Insect Screen and Solar Screen Materials are Made in the USA


18x14 Pool & Patio screen is easily installed in window screens and doors. 18x14 is great for pool and patio enclosres or for applications where wide width strenght is needed.

Sizes & Colors:

18x14 mesh Pool & Patio Screne comes in 24, 36", 48”, 54", 60”, 72”, 84”, 96" and 108 ” widths. We stock Charcoal and Silver/Gray. 132" Charcoal material is a Special Order.

300' Rolls 18x14 Stiff comes in Charcoal and Silver/Gray 84" x 300' & 96" x 300'


Phifer will warranty product that does not meet their respective production tolerances and loss of dimentional stability including mildew and rot from exposure conditions outside normal atmospheric pollution or other debris. Warranty Disclaimer: We sell only 1st quality Phifer material. However, Phifers grading criteria allows for various defects within a roll. Roll lengths are not always continuous. Rolls may be up to two pieces per roll to account for specified footage. Warranty does NOT cover use and abuse of materials. Extended Limited Warranty varies by item so call for specific warranty concerns by product.

Special Order Items:

132" x 100' 18x14 Pool & Patio Screen can be Special Ordered and shipped out typically within 1-2 business days. Due to the 132" width it ships LTL carrier. Please email us a complete list of items and delivery address and we can quote freight.


• 18x14 is made with a .013 yard for added strength and stability

• 18x14 is perfect for window screens, doors, patios, decks and pool enclosures.

• 18x14 is the traditional phiferglass Pool Screen for Florida Screen Enclosures

• 18x14 Pool & Patio Insect Screen is made in the USA

Phifer 18x14 Fiberglass Insect Screen for Patios and Decks