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Fast Track Porch Screneing System. For screened patios and porches.

Fast Track Porch Screening System


A Screen Tight Porch Screening Sytem


Screen Tight Porch Screening SystemScreen Tight - Fast Track Porch Screening SystemScreen Tight Mini Track Porch Screening SystemMeshGuard A new screening system created to eliminate the need for pickets, balusters and other visual obstructions below the porch guardrail.Screen Block Two systems in one. The easiest way to convert your screen porch into an enclosed living space for use during 3+ seasons.Screen Wall Modular screen porch framing system made of rigid PVC vinyl and composite fiber additives to withstand extreme wind and weather.

Fast track Patio Screening System by Screen TightFast Track Porch Screening System


FAST Track

  • NEW... 100% Hidden Fasteners
  • Self-Mating 1"x2"Channels allow Unlimited Configurations
  • White or Bronze powder coated extruded aluminum
  • Easy 2 part system for framing and structural elements
  • Screen from interior or exterior of porch quickly

100% Hidden Fasteners for a clean & professional look, Fast Track is Screen Tights' innovative 2 piece screening system. With unlimited screening configurations possible Fast Track's 1" x 2" self-mating channels available in 8' length, create porch structure elements for easy installation and limitless project creativity. This unique aluminum system allows you to screen from the interior or exterior of your porch using flat spline, in less time.

With so many benefits, the solution is simple... Fast Track™ the versatile aluminum Framing System!


5/16 Flat Spline Spline
5/16 flat spline comes in a bulk project pack of 300 feet in an easy to dispense container for easy storage, preventing tangles and material waste.

Fast Track Versatile Aluminuim Framing System

Fast Track™ is the100% Hidden Fasteners, unlimited screening configurations, versatile aluminum Framing System.


Fast Track is designed to work with Fiberglass Insect Screen Products

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Fast Track Installation Tips - See Below #A

Fast Track Installation Tools Needed
Materials Needed
Chop Saw
Pro Rollerknife™
Flat Spline
Rubber Mallet
Fiberglass Screen
Fast Track Clip Installation
Step - 1 - Attach CLIPS to Porch Frame
Mark clip positions around the frame keeping clips aligned for proper channel installation. Attach clips a maximum of 4" from corners and 14" - 16" apart using #10 x 1 1/2" stainless steel screws.
Fast Track Attachment
Step - 2 - Attach FASTtrack™ CHANNEL to CLIPS
Cut FASTtrack channels to length and snap over clips using a rubber mallet, installing the vertical channels first followed by the horizontal channels.

(NOTE: Install vertical post before installing the horizontals - Refer to Step 3 first)
Creating Channels with Fast Track
Step -3 - Creating POSTS by "Mating" FASTtrack™ CHANNELS
One of the unique features of FASTtrack channels is that the 1"x2" channels snap together to form a 2"x2" post or rail.

Install vertical posts by attaching two clips stacked together in the desired location on both the top and bottom of the frame using #10 x 2" stainless steel screws and then snapping the two FASTtrack channels to the clip using a rubber mallet.
Step - 4 - Install horizontal posts in a manner similar to step 3 using 3" screws to attach to the porch frame and #8 x 4 1/2" zinc plated screws with nylon nut to attach the rails to the vertical posts.

(For attaching pickets, refer to the installation instructions included in the FASTtrack railing kit.)
Fast Track Screen Installation
Step 5 - Roll SCREEN into FASTtrack™ CHANNEL
Using the flat spline, Pro Rollerknife™ Screening Tool & fiberglass screen; Simply roll screen into the grooves located on either the interior or exterior of the porch. Starting with the top, working your way to the sides and bottom of each section to be screened.

Fast Track Installation (Diagram #A)

Fast Track Install Diagram


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