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Phifer heavy duty aluminum screen for patio and porch applications

Heavy Duty Aluminum

Extra durable for keeping rodents out


Heavy Duty Aluminum Screen is an extra durable and unique addition to the Patio and Porch screening market.

We carry only Phifer Incorporated Aluminum . Ask for it by name. Phifer is the world leader in Aluminum screening products


Phifer Heavy Duty Aluminum for patio and porches


Phifer Heavy Duty Aluminum Screen is made in the USA


New for 2023: Openess 49-52% / Tensile Strength 30-50 ksi / for specific other date please email



Heavy Duty Aluminum Screen is designed to be stapled to your patio structure.

Due to the thinkness of the aluminum wire this material does NOT roll into screen frame chanel or porch screening systems.


Sizes & Colors:

Heavy Duty Aluminum comes in 36" and 48" widths. Roll lengths are 46ft. Heavy Duty Aluminum is Black for a sharper outword appearance



Phifer will warranty product that does not meet their respective production tolerances and loss of dimensional stability including mildew and rot from exposure conditions outside normal atmospheric pollution or other debris.

Warranty Disclaimer: We sell only 1st quality Phifer material. However, Phifers grading criteria allows for various defects within a roll. Roll lengths are not always continuous. Rolls are typically continuous but may be up to two pieces per roll to account for specified footage, with no piece being less than 10'. Warranty does NOT cover use and abuse of materials. Extended Limited Warranty varies by item so call for specific warranty concerns by product. We do not warranty material beyond manufactures policy.


Heavy Duty Aluminum:

• Durable black powder-coated paint finish.

• Woven with larger diameter wires for extra durability

• Ideal for keeping rodents and other pests off your patio

• Made in the USA.


Phifer Heavy Duty Aluminum for patios and porches wholesale