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Sliding Screen Door Assembly Guide


Sliding Screen Door Assembly Guide


Are you looking for a replacement patio sliding screen door? We offer 5 differrent screen doors to choose from. Our sliding screen door kits come cut to your specification, ready to assemble and install. We offer the option of screen and spline for the DIY homeowner or kit only for the savy price point profesional who buys screen by the bulk roll. We have a kit and color that should address your needs. To see our slection of Sliding Screen Doors <<Click Here>>


  • Assembly - Check thickness of corners by inserting corner into frame about 1/8" then remove.
  • Lubricate corners with "alum-a-lub", "WD-40" or other lubricant that can be easily cleaned up
  • Install corners into top and bottom pieces, driving corners to within 1/8" of center
    • Use a rubber mallet, wooden block or other non-marring implement - Ensure you tap in straight to avoid and spliting of the frame
  • Install stiles onto exposed corners and drive corners is as described above.


  • Fianl assembly - Install Wheels and handle

    Handle Assembly Kit 2-3-4

    Screen Door Kit handle assembly

  • Installing - Place door in opening
  • Adjust rollers for secure smooth fit
  • Install lock strike
  • Fit and trim Bug Seal


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