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Sample Request



Sample Requests


Samples of Screen Fabrics are available for a small fee to cover postage and processing. Samples ship via US Mail and typically are mailed the next business day.




  • UltraVue Sample$3.00

    UltraVue Insect Screen
    Excellent Visibility Insect Screen
  • BetterVue Sample$3.00

    Phifer BetterVue
    Improved Visibility Insect Screen
  • SeeVue Stainless Sample$3.00

    SeeVue Stainless Steel
    Black Coated Stainless Steel
  • NoSeeUmHVButton.jpg
    No-See-Um Aluminum Sample$3.00

    High Visibility, No-See-Um, Aluminum Insect Screen
    Color: Black
  • Tuff Screen Sample$3.00

    Tuff Screen
    Phifer Tuff Screen and Tuff No-See-Um
  • Pet Screen Sample$3.00

    Phifer “Pet Screen” meets the needs of pet owners by resisting tears and punctures caused by dogs and cats
  • Fiberglass No-See-Um Screen Sample$3.00

    No-See-Um Screen Fiberglass Sample
    For the tiny insects
  • Bronze Screen Sample$3.00

    Brite Bronze Sample
    90% Copper 10% Zinc Bronze Screen
  • Patio Privacy Screen Sample$5.00

    Privacy Screen Sample
    Phifer SunScreen and 20x30 Solar Insect Screen
  • Solar Screen Sample$5.00

    Solar Screen Sample
    Phifer Suntex 80 & 90 and Super Solar Screen
  • Suntex 95 Sample$3.00

    Suntex 95 Sample
    Phifer Suntex 95 Sample Color Card
  • Suntex 90 Design Sample$3.00

    Suntex 90 Design Sample
    Phifer Suntex 90 Design Sample Color Card
  • 18x14 Fiberglass Sample$3.00

    Pool, Patio and Porch Screen is stronger than standard mesh screen, making it the ideal screen for large openings such as screen porches, and patio and pool enclosures
    Phifer Part #3000022
  • Standard Aluminum Screen Sample$3.00

    Aluminum Screen Sample
    Black, Brite & Charcoal
  • Screen Frame Color Sample$5.00

    Screen Frame Color Sample
    Adobe/Tan, Almond, White, Bronze, Mill & Gray
  • Galvanized_Sample$3.00

    Galvanized Screen Sample