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Spline Sizing Chart


Screen Spline - What Spline Size Should I Use?


A common question asked is "What Spline Size Should I Use?

The answer is not always simple. The Insect Screen is NOT the determining factor but one part of the formula in deciding. The primary determination is the size of the screen frame chanel opening. Once the screen frame channel opening is determined then the screen choice helps guide the final decision. Typically you use spline that is .015 - .020" larger that the opening for a snug fit. YES! You want spline to be bigger than the actual opening so it fits snug and doesnt blow out during wind or light pressue. When using Pet Screen, Suntex or other thicker materials than standard fiberglass screen .005-.010 larger is prefered. Spline determination is not always exact. As an example 4 sheets of copy paper is .010" thick. So the differnce between a .175 and .185 is the thickness of 4 sheets of copy paper. So even if you choose the wrong size its better to error slightly larger and stretch the spline slightly to a smaller diameter for a smooth snug fit.

The best way to measure if your usung the same frame or structure is to remove the old spline and measure. If using the same type of screen or similiar in thickness, then measure what currently being used and replace with the same. The ideal measuring tool is a caliper or a micrometer. Calipers are simple to use and are avaialble at most hardware stores for under $20.00 and will compliment your exciting tools in the box. Its hard to use a tape measure or ruller when trying to measue somthing at .005-.020".

In certain areas and with certain products a Flat Spline is used. Typically this is much simpler to identify and order. Typically 5/16 = .315 is used, With Flat spline accomodating thicker materials is much more difficult. Pool enclosures and products like Fast Track that call for a flat spline are limited to Fiberglass and Tuff Screen products for use. 18x14, 20x20 fiberglass are most typical and Tuff Screen & Tuff Screen No-See-Um are also used and will work nicely with Flat Spline.

Round Spline is most typical across the USA. The principle is the same, measure the diameter of the current spline or measure the channel dimensions and order accoringly. With OUR frame we offer a spline sizing chart to help make the determination. We offer spline sizes from .100 - .250.

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For use with OUR Window Screen Frame and the following Insect and Sun Control fabrics