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Pet Screen vs Tuff Screen

What is the Difference between Pet Screen and Tuff Screen ?


Pet Screen Insect Screen for catios, patios, decks, doors & window screens

One of the most common questions asked of us is "whats the difference between Pet Screen and Tuff Screen?" Well let us help take out some of the confusion. Phifer's PetScreen® is considered by many to be the most durable screening products on the market today! 7x stronger than standard fiberglass screen, PetScreen® meets the needs of pet owners by resisting tears and punctures caused by dogs and cats. Ideal for those areas prime for potential damage and heavy wear in high traffic areas, this screen can be used on window screens, screen doors and screened porches.

PetScreen® Swatch Card

Technical Information:Yarn Diameter (inch): .025 Warp / .025
Fill Mesh Weight (oz/sq yd): 11.6
Fabric Thickness (inch): .036
Bond Strength (lb): 40
Openness (%): 36
Mullen Bursting Strength (psi): 538
Mesh Count: 17x10

Phifer Insect Screen and Solar Screen Materials are Made in the USA

Sizes & Colors:PetScreen® comes in 36", 48", 60", 72" and now 96" widths. Standard colors are Grey and Black. 72" and 96"' come in Black Only. We carry everything from 84" DIY rolls all the way to 100' rolls. If PetScreen® is what you need, we're the ones to ask.


Pet Screen Pictured in Black
Pet Screen Pictured in Gray
Phifer Pet Screen
Phifer Pet Screen

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• PetScreen® is sold in 25', 50' and 100' rolls

•PetScreen® is ideal if it's your pets are causing screen damage.

•PetScreen®comes in Black and Grey

•PetScreen®is stronger than Tuff Screen

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TuffScreen® is easily installed in window screens and doors. TuffScreen® is great for pool and patio enclosures to keep your pets in and other animals out.


Phifer TuffScreen® is heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester insect screening that is ideal for use in high traffic areas. Yes, the most common purpose of screening is to keep bugs out. However, keeping bugs out is nearly impossible if your screens are ripped from anxious pets, rambunctious children, pesky wildlife or harsh weather. TuffScreen® heavy-duty mesh screening is made from vinyl-coated polyester, making it tear and puncture resistant, and one of the most durable screen options on the market. It installs just like regular screening but is 3x stronger than standard fiberglass and won’t need to be replaced nearly as often.

Technical Information:Yarn Diameter (inch): .018 Warp / .018
Fill Mesh Weight (oz/sq yd): 7
Fabric Thickness (inch): .026
Bond Strength (lb): 42
Openness (%): 35
Mullen Bursting Strength (psi): 305
Mesh Count: 16x13
Composition: Vinyl on Polyester

Phifer Insect Screen and Solar Screen Materials are Made in the USA

Sizes & Colors:TuffScreen® comes in 36", 48”, 60”, 72”, 84” and 96” widths. 120” and 132” widths are available as a special order. The standard color is Black. If TuffScreen® is what you need, we're the ones to ask. 


Phifer Tuff Screen - Product available in Black Only
Phifer Tuff Screen

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Benefits:• TuffScreen® is thinner and has a better visibility than Pet Screen

• TuffScreen® can be ordered in 120" and 132" widths. 100' rolls only

• TuffScreen® is one of the most advanced screen mesh products on the market today.

• Living where golf balls fly into your screens? TuffScreen® is the answer. Its tensile strength and tear resistance make this the perfect solution to damage by all of life's screen destroyers.

• TuffScreen® is perfect for screened pool enclosures accepting a flat spline.

• TuffScreen® holds up to the strongest winds and weather conditions.

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  • Heavy-Duty Screen Sample$3.50

    Phifer Pet Screen, Tuff Screen & Tuff Screen No-See-Um Included