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Privacy Screening

Privacy Screening

Get to Know Phifer Privacy Screening

In a day and age of constant contact via smartphones and social media, it’s nice to come home to your own private sanctuary away from the world. If you live in a densely-populated neighborhood, you may want added daytime privacy due to close proximity of neighbors. During the winter months, when shrubbery has been defoliated, there isn’t much of a barrier between your window and other people’s eyes. From a home safety perspective, privacy screens are a deterrent to burglars and unwanted visitors who may peer in and find out when you’re home or not. Every home is different, and every homeowner appreciates different levels of privacy. That’s why we make a diverse range of screening materials, each one durable and capable of protecting your home and family from insects with several choices that offer privacy as an added benefit for your own peace of mind.

Choosing Privacy Screening for Your Style and Needs

Made entirely in the USA, our range of privacy screening products feature different levels of “openness.” When you’re shopping for privacy screening, remember that a tighter, less “open” weave equals more privacy.
Solar screens, such as our ​SunTex® 95, offer excellent daytime privacy, block 95 percent of UV rays and have a 5 percent openness factor -- our tightest weave yet and great for maximum privacy. During the day, sunlight diminishes inward visibility, allowing more privacy in the home and making it harder for outsiders to look in. (Pro tip: Interior lighting in the home may allow for inward visibility at night, so it’s a good idea to have shades or blinds to protect your privacy during evening hours!)
For those looking for a more open weave with comparable sun protection and privacy, our SunTex 80/90, Phifer SunScreen®, Solar Insect Screening (20x30) and Super Solar Screening + range from a 20 to 35 percent openness and each offer their own unique benefits, including blocking heat and reduced fading on your home furnishings. For homes that don’t want to sacrifice airflow for privacy, look for a slightly more “open” weave for improved airflow while still maintaining privacy.
However, the tightness of your screen’s weave isn’t the only thing you should think about. The color of the screen you choose also plays a role in outward visibility and daytime privacy. For the best outward visibility that reduces glare and allows you to more clearly see “out” without others seeing “in,” look to darker color screens in black, brown or a rich dark bronze. Screens with darker colored fabrics on the outside provide more privacy than lighter colored fabrics. Although darker colored privacy screening is more common, this is an additional factor to keep in mind if you’re thinking of opting for a lighter exterior color.


Privacy Fabrics that allow some air flow:

Solar Insect 20x30

For use in door, window, and porch screening applications, this screen offers the ultimate in insect protection and blocks 65% of the sun’s heat and glare while offering excellent outward visibility without compromising your daytime privacy. Get a clear view of your surroundings without the worry of prying eyes from the outside world.


Using SunScreen is like having a shade tree in front of your window without blocking the view. It can be used in door, window, and porch screening applications -- barring bugs from your home while providing good airflow. Perhaps its most outstanding feature is its ability to block 70% of solar rays to reduce heat gain and glare -- even before it touches your window!


Privacy Fabrics for Maximum Privacy:

Super Solar

Phifer Super Solar from Phifer improves air-conditioning efficiency by stopping up to 90% of the sun's heat before it penetrates the glass surface. Super Solar Screening benefits also include protetion of interior furnishings from fading, insect control, as well as saving energy. Used in both residential and commercial spaces worldwide, Phifer's Super Solar Screening is available to accommodate specific needs.This fabric also improves daytime privacy while offering outward visibility. Phifer Super Solar Screening works whether windows are open or closed. It keeps carpets and draperies from fading, as well as helps save energy.

Suntex 95

Offering increased heat and glare control, this fabric also blocks 95% of UV rays -- helping to prevent damage to your furnishings and flooring. Another easy-to-clean wonder, SunTex 95 can be used in exterior roller shades as well as awnings, outdoor sun shading, and in door and window screening applications.

Suntex 90 Design

SunTex 90 Design combines a rich, design-oriented look with the same weave and performance characteristics of traditional SunTex 90 fabric. Providing both sun protection and daytime privacy, SunTex 90 Design offers stylish options to meet exterior sun control needs at a practical price point. This makes the SunTex 90 Design fabric perfect for any DIY project. Whether it’s for your porch, privacy screen, or any other sun shading application, SunTex 90 Design can provide you with the style and durability needed for any project.

Suntex 80 and 90

Phifer Suntex 80 and 90 Privacy and Soalr Screen


An Alternative to Fencing:

Maybe you don’t want to build a fence to maintain privacy -- or perhaps you can’t build a fence due to zoning laws or HOA charter regulations if you live in a condominium or development that prohibits such structures. Privacy screening can help you feel less “under the microscope” in your own home, as well as give you an unobstructed view of your backyard and beautiful natural surroundings -- all without compromise.Similarly, if you have an enclosed porch and enjoy entertaining guests outside, installing privacy patio screening can prevent insects and other unwanted (four- or two-legged visitors) from dropping in and spoiling the fun. GREENGUARD® Gold Certified, our products promote better in-home air quality and come equipped with Microban® antimicrobial protection. Better yet, they’re strong and pet resistant. 



  • Solar Insect Screen Sample$3.50

    Phifer 20x30 Solar & Privacy Screen Sample
  • SunScreen Sample$3.50

    Phifer SunScreen Solar & Privacy Screen Sample
  • Super Solar Sample$3.50

    Phifer Super Solar Sample All colors
  • Suntex 95 and 97 Color Sample$3.50

    Phifer Suntex 95 and 97 Sample All Colors
  • Suntex 80-90 Sample$3.50

    Phifer Suntex 80 & 90 Sample All Colors