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Phifer insect screen with water shed technology


Rain or shine, enjoy clear views and cleaner screens.


How It Works:

Phifer’s Water Shed Technology uses an advanced water repellent (hydrophobic) coating technology that allows the screen to easily repel water and other substances. This same technology is used in a variety of other products such as upholstery, clothing, marine, food packaging, cookware, and cell phones. Hydrophobic surfaces, such as those with Water Shed Technology, are much more diffi cult for substances to stick to. Water Shed Technology virtually eliminates window paning, a process whereby water fi lls the open squares in the screen during a rainstorm. With Water Shed Technology, the rain water beads up and rolls off the screen, keeping your view clear, even during a rainstorm.

Technical Information:

The hydrophobic coating lowers the surface energy of the screen. The surface energy of a material determines how easy or difficult it is for other substances to be attracted to or repelled from it. The lower the surface energy of the material, the more repellent it is to liquids and other solid materials. When Water Shed Technology is applied to BetterVue and UltraVue, the resulting surface energy is much lower, greatly increasing the screens’ ability to repel liquids and other substances. Surface energy can be measured using a standardized drop test, a process by which drops of liquid with different known surface tensions are applied to the test surface. The drops are rated from 0 to 12 and correspond to a specific surface energy, with 12 being the lowest. Therefore, higher ratings indicate better water shedding performance. Standard BetterVue and UltraVue both have a drop test rating of 3. BetterVue and UltraVue with Water Shed Technology have a rating of 8.



• Durable, hydrophobic coating will not wash off

• Sheds water and debris during rainstorm or with hose sprayer

• Preserves viewing clarity for more brilliant outward views

• Remains cleaner longer and increases life expectancy of the screening

• Phifer Screen with Water Shed Technology is made in the USA


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