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Sliding Screen Door with Pet Door added.

Pet Door XLarge


Aluminum Adapter, Door & Flap.
Installs easily into sliding screen doors.
Always install in corner under handle side of door.
Pet Doors easily install with our 1/2" sliding screen doors kits #2 and #4. All other kits require minor modification as the pet door will cover the wheel assembly adjustment. If you are looking to install on your current screen door ensure the adapter doesn't cover a top adjusting wheel assembly. Otherwise slight modification will be required to adjust. Typically a small hole will need to be drilled to access the adjustment screw.

Adapter, Door and Flap included

X-Large Adapter Overall Size: 20-7/16 x 25
X-Large Pet Door Overall Size: 18-3/4 x 22-3/4
X-Large Rough Opening Size: 17-1/4 x 21-7/8
X-Large Flap Size: 14-1/2 x 19-1/2

Sliding Screen Door Sold Separately

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