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Jig Table Set

Jig Table Set

Professional Jig Table Set Up Kit


Professional Jig Table Set Up Kit



Step 1:

Insert splice as shown in (illustration A), to combine 42" lengths into one 84"

Step 2:

Locate the 84" stationary bar 3/8" in from both the side edge and end of table (see illustrations B and C). Fasten in place using screws provided.

Step 3:

Locate the 42" stationary bar 3/8" in from end of table and butt against the 84" bar (see illustration B).

Step 4:

Using a carpenters, position the 42" bar to form a 90 degreeangle where the two stationary bars meet and secure with screws provided.

Step 5:

Slide clips onto stationary bars from open ends. Clips can be placed over floating bars. Use floating bars that approximate the length and width of the screen frame.

Jig Table Set Up Kit
Jig Table Set Up Kit $126.15



3 - Stationary Bars pre-drilled for attachment to table (42")

3 - Floating Bars (28", 30" and 58")

12 - Aluminum Screen Frame Jig Clips (for 3/4" frame)

7 - #8 x 1" Flat head sheet metal screws.

1 - Connecting Splice Bar


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Screen Table Jig Set
1" Jig Clips - 4 Pack
3/4" Jig Clips - 4 Pack

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